Get rewarded instantly, effortlessly and securely, no matter who you bank with, when you integrate Blink.

Like many other financial applications, Incent uses information provided directly from your bank account. We can only access details you have given us permission to view, and the process uses the same security processes the banks use. Moreover, there are reasons why this approach is actually more secure and convenient for you than the alternatives.

Register on our platform, and every time you spend with one of our partners, you’ll receive INCNT - a cryptocurrency reward, straight to your account.
In order to reward you in INCNT, our platform needs to connect to your bank account and pull relevant information from it. Our technology only reads the information in your account, in order to reward you.

Incent is registered with AUSTRAC, and complies with Australian Government AML/CTF obligations. Incent provides robust security and encryption on par with the banking sector in Australia.

For more information on data security read our privacy policy.

Premium partners
Get 5% back in INCNT when you shop at any of our premium partners.