Incent (INCNT) is Australia’s first cryptocurrency - purpose-made to reward customers with real value.  

We are building tools that will help businesses incentivise their customers for doing the things they love to do - Watching, shopping, reading, listening, liking or sharing.

What would you like to Incentivise?

Say goodbye to loyalty cards and connect to Blink, our frictionless rewards tech automatic rewards.

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Research reveals that 1 in 3 millennials would like cryptocurrency.
INCNT is your fuel to drive growth.


Uncover more about your customers and speak to them directly with relevant deals, offers and content.


Power your message with payments. Gain the competitive marketing edge by rewarding customer directly.

Incent engage

Engage your audience like never before

Incent Engage is a marketing and insights platform built to reward customers in INCNT for their engagement.
By harnessing the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain, our platform allows companies to seamlessly  reward their customers with instant payments.

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Flip marketing on its head. Pay your customer, not your agency

audience insights

Gain deeper insights to reinforce your marketing strategy

Instant payments

Blockchain transactions are fast and secure, offering instant rewards.

Business lounge - Sneak PeEk

The business lounge will help you manage your Incent customer experience, whether it be creating deals, setting your storewide reward, topping up your INCNT balance or viewing customer insights on any device.

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